Optimización rFactor 2

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Algunos detallitos más de optimización:

Lowering detail of cars in the garage:
In the player.json file, search for "Garage Detail". Default is 0.5, I set it to 0.01.

Lowering detail of cars on track, while keeping the liveries clear:
In the player.json file, search for "Opponent Detail" and make sure it looks like the following:
"Opponent Detail":1,
"Opponent Texture Override":3
This lowers the detail of the actual car model, while keeping the livery at high quality.

Maximum number of headlights:
Search for "Max headlights" in the player.json file
Change to whatever you want, I personally have it at 50, which is plenty. Default is 256.

Rear view mirror render distance:
Search for "Rearview_Back_Clip" in the player.json file. The number is the render distance in meters.

Issues with stuttering/screen freezes:
Incase you have issues with stuttering or freezing, search for "Use Thread" in controller.json and set it to true. It had no impact on performance in my case.

Avoid stutters and CPU/GPU overload set this to your screens refresh rate plus one:
"Max Framerate":61,
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Optimización rFactor 2
A Jan Studenski (piloto del VEC Division3) ha conseguido eliminar (de momento) sus problemillas de congelaciones de pantalla.
(Parece ser que tener un disco duro HDD ó SDD también podría influir)

Jan Studenski said: ↑
In Istanbul I didnt have these freezes (Freezes do NOT occur because someone is joining)
Changes since last time:
Removed pagefile from HDD D: (only pagefile I had, rF2 is on C: SSD) (this improved alt tabbing by huge amount, short alt tabbing is now possible)
Mod got updated
Changed Windows to prioritize Background processes (by default it is programs)
Increased following gfx settings to max. available:
Shadows (this is the only exception, only FULL as MAX = artifacting)
Special Effects (Turned it on)
Environment Mapping
Road reflections
Shadow Blur (Turned it on)
Set mirror distance to 2000 (previous 0) [player.json]
Changed garages to 0.01 (before 0.5) [player.json]

- - - - - - -

Changing back to these settings fixed my problem:

- I still run without ANY pagefiles!
- Changed windows back to prioritize programs (this can be found under: Control Panel\All Control Panel Items > System > Advanced > Settings of Performance > Advanced > Adjust for best performance of: Programs)
- In player.json:
Set mirror distance to 0 (previous 2000).
- Display Options:


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