Actualización 146

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Update 11 (Build 146) Changelog (Febuary 4, 2013):

Modified skybox gamma
Added ability to specify that one part must break off before another does
Added “postrequisites”, other parts that must fall off if one part falls off.
Make front and rear flaps disappear if associated front and rear wings get detached.
Allow multiple (up to 4) prerequisites for detaching a part.

Allowed DRS zones to apply to race only or to all sessions. This should probably go in the RFM rather than the GDB: “RearFlapZoneSessions=16? for race-only, “RearFlapZoneSessions=31? for all sessions including test days.

Better tire abrasion computation.
More accurate ride height measurement (works on non-HAT surfaces now, too).
Small optimization in RealRoad processing.
Introduced tire rubber degradation model.
Realtime tire properties can no longer operate outside of their quasi-static analysis range (to prevent physics blow-ups when the tire gets really hot, for example).
In the tire tool, turn off wear as well if thermodynamics is disabled.
Temperature display added to +ttool realtime section.

Broke out car lateral movement detection into two parts, one for the front and one for the rear, so that algorithms could more accurately access the situation. The specific issue fixed was one where a car losing front grip would take a wider turn was not appropriate for chicanes based on the condition and position of it’s rear end.

Switched names of HUD mappings “Driving Aids” and “Vehicle Status” to match how they actually worked.
Added g-force trace and driving inputs to replay monitor page..
Fixed screenshots in UI.
Added RFM tree list and an RFM picture gizmo for new RFM tree list picker page.
Picking car again auto-selects the same class for opponents (accuracy depends somewhat on classes listed in the VEH).
Partly fixed the issue where you can sometimes see garage setups from other cars, although the real issue is an asset problem.
Fixed bug where main page vehicle display wouldn’t come up with the proper player vehicle until you select it from the vehicle selection page.

Fixed occasional crash-on-exit bug

Fixed it so that dedicated server defaults to previous RFM in list box.
Added upgrade-only classes to the list of available vehicle classes that the server can choose. This should fix the “Spark_F2B” (winged F2?s) problem.
Added custom skin propigation between clients in multiplayer game. In Multiplayer.ini “Download Custom Skins” must equal “1? for the server and all clients (there is also a checkbox in the Display tab of the Settings pages). The custom skin path for your skin should look like, “\UserData\player\Settings\ISI_SkipBarber_2012\SKIPBARBER_05\” where “ISI_SkipBarber_2012? is the name of the component this vehicle is from and “SKIPBARBER_05? is the Veh file name (minus the “.veh”). NOTE: skin names must be less than 10 characters wide, not including extension.
Added dedicated server option to allow/disallow skin transfers.

Fixed reporting of tire longitudinal force to plugins
Fixed a problem in Max exporter when exporting vertex alpha from Vertex Paint modifier

Allow more than two visual tire compounds, and store/transmit that data in replay/multiplayer.
Fixed ancient bug that prevented replay fidelity from working exactly as intended.
Added code to not load a replay if the mod could not be loaded.

Fixed some sorting and display problems in ModMgr

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Re: Actualización 146
Server #1 de SpeedinLive actualizado y funcionando (con una sorpresilla)

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Re: Actualización 146
Aquí os dejo un enlace de la página de ISI con perfiles HDR específicos para mejorar la calidad de los circuitos.

Desde dentro del juego se pueden cambiar los perfiles del HDR y ajustarlos a nuestro gusto.

Hay que meter los perfiles en Userdata/Player/Settings/ pegándolos en la carpeta del circuito que corresponda. Si el circuito tiene varias versiones, tienes que poner el archivo en todas.
Luego entras al juego, vas a la carrera y antes de salir a pista vas a Settings y ya veras por ahi la opcion de HDR Profiles. Seleccionas el que acabas de pegar en la carpeta y listo. Lo puedes cambiar en cualquier momento si no te gusta o para comparar con el original.

[imggrande] [/imggrande]

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